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   Growing up in the Endless Mountains of

Pennsylvania, Ginny was surrounded by nature

and breathtaking scenery.


   Ginny began drawing and painting at a young age. By the time she was in high school her works were featured on Good Morning America. She’d won several awards and her passion for art led her to art school in Philadelphia in 1982.  Having only one painting class in her life, under the direction of Fred Danzinger, she began painting professionally in 1984. She was hired by several of the Philadelphia Eagles to do sports portraits, privately commissioned for their homes. In addition to the sports paintings that she still does, in 1995 she began painting what she truly loved, nature and landscapes, and in 2006 she began sharing them with the public.

   Although Ginny is an Emmy Award-winning designer and animator, painting is her first love. “There’s nothing quite as rewarding as recreating God’s masterpieces onto a canvas.”

  It’s not surprising that most of her nature and

landscape works are from the town she grew up in. 

The beauty of Bradford County and the peacefulness

it holds are her greatest source of inspiration.

  *In 2014 Ginny was honored to received the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society Signature Artist Award. The Signature Artists’ Guild is an elite sector of the Society - awarded to only 131 artists in a span of 24 years, whose work is recognized for consistent excellence.